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The Eco Living Festival is the outdoor version of our very successful Brisbane Eco Expo launching for the first time in Byron Bay in 2020

With over 10,000 attendees at the 2019 Eco Expo, the #oneecostep movement has confirmed its relevance and popularity in the Australian market. Spanning everything from home, energy, beauty, family, food and lifestyle; those in attendance have the chance to explore sustainable alternatives to assist in reducing their global footprint, without sacrificing the things they love.

An abundance of fresh information and solutions to pressing concerns surrounding the future of our planet are discussed through sustainability seminars and demonstrations. Celebrity speakers and environmentalists headline each event to further spread the eco message and discuss ways to reduce our environmental impact.

An invaluable experience for both eco warriors and those just beginning their eco journey, the Eco Expo is committed to providing the information, products and tools to encourage a more sustainable way of living. After all, one simple change from each of us can collectively have a huge impact on our world.